ARM®- enabled M1 IGLOO® :
The lowest power FPGA with the industry-standard 32-bit microprocessor

M1 IGLOO with ARMExtend portable battery life by 10x without compromising time-to-market or budgets. Actel M1 IGLOO Flash FPGAs save power in every mode of operation, and never need extra components that add bulk and cost.

No royalties. No license fees. No unit price adder. Only Actel Flash FPGAs give you access to ARM processors and design tools, making them the most affordable way to use the industry-standard 32-bit processor.

PortableDesigned to meet the demands of tomorrow's portables today.
M1 IGLOO devices can save you a lot more than just power in your portable applications. Like all Actel FPGAs, their single-chip form is available in space-optimized chip scale packages. They're live at power-up, nonvolatile, reprogrammable, and completely secure—saving board space, time, and ultimately money.

Actel Solutions Low Power Live at Power-Up Secure Neutron Immune

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At 148 µW, IGLOO static power use is barely visible compared to equivalent gate parts from the nearest competitors, which use from 300 to 1500 times more power.