Up-Screening for High Reliability Applications

Some high reliability programs are using plastic devices but require up-screening for additional reliability. Microsemi's Power Products Group has made it easier to order plastic up-screened devices by creating a standard up-screen plastic flow—all devices for the two flows shown below will be marked "MXL". All plastic discrete switching parts (MOSFETs, IGBTs, and Diodes) – refer to pages 4 to 13 of the Microsemi's Power Products Group Catalog – can be up-screened to their standard flows by simply adding "MXL" to the end of the part number, for example APT28M120B2MXL. Due to the limited number of characters that we can use on the actual pack, "MXL" will be used as a designator on the package (see sample package below) to show that it is indeed an up-screened part. If a variation of the standard flow is required, we will use our standard SCD (Standard Custom Device) process to comply with the customer's need. Refer to the Up-Screening for High Reliability Applications datasheet for more information.

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