Actel Acquires Pigeon Point Systems

Actel Strengthens Leadership Position in System and Power Management Solutions

On July 28th, Actel announced the acquisition of Pigeon Point Systems, a privately held supplier of telecommunications computing architecture (TCA) management components. By acquiring the leading provider of TCA components, Actel now offers a comprehensive solution for proprietary and standards-based system management implementations in the telecommunications, military, industrial, and medical markets.

Earlier this year, Actel and Pigeon Point Systems announced a partnership to develop and market Actel Fusion®-based solutions to speed the design of AdvancedTCA® blade and Advanced Mezzanine Card (AdvancedMC™) carrier board management controllers. The two companies' combined portfolio of development kits, reference designs, easy-to-use development environments, and expert design services gives designers the capability to address system and power management issues at the component, board, and firmware levels.

"Pigeon Point is the de facto standard in the TCA market," said John East, president and CEO of Actel. "Merging their market and technology leadership in this space with our power and system management solutions gives us a tremendous opportunity to strategically address a significant portion of the estimated $2 billion standards-based TCA system market."

"Through mutual customer engagements, we've seen how the Actel Fusion mixed-signal FPGA offers TCA designers an unprecedented way to easily manage the critical system functions that affect TCA system and power management," said Mark Overgaard, president of Pigeon Point. "Together, Actel's innovative Fusion mixed-signal FPGA and Pigeon Point's firmware will serve the complete range of customer applications—from simple system management to higher performance TCA applications."


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