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Power Supply Management for High Availability Systems
Manage up to 64 channels of mixed analog and digital POLs with a single device

What is a high availability system?

If your product needs to be "always on," have "5 nines availability" (work 99.999% of the time), if the phrase "Mission Critical" is in your design spec or if your success is being measured in Failure In Time (FIT) rates, you work with high availability systems.

SmartFusion MPM Video
Microsemi's comprehensive MPM 4.0 power management solution significantly reduces the cost and complexity of board-level power management by integrating power converter functions including sequencing, trimming, margining, monitoring, control and event logging. The solution includes a graphical user interface for defining the power sequence and a reference design containing all sources files and firmware, which can be customized to your exact mix of power rails. You have the option to purchase the evaluation kit to accelerate initial design testing.

Define Your Power Needs
  • Pre-program device with MPM design
  • Define analog or digital power rails
  • Setup power-up and -down sequencing
  • Setup PMBus addressing
  • Define thresholds to monitor
  • Define output flags for system status
Test Your Setup
  • Check the sequence in the scope view
  • Review fine timing in the sequence view
  • View NVM values for registers
  • Program the configuration to the device
  • Monitor values through I2C
  • Display voltage readings on meters
MPM GUI Power Sequencing

MPM GUI - Power Sequencing

  • Two analog independent regulators
  • Three digital POLs
  • Push-button switches for fault introduction on each rail
  • POT input for analog rails
  • Jumpers to select SDD or PWM trimming options
  • Eight LEDs for digital flag display
  • Connects to SmartFusion mixed signal header on A2F-DEV-KIT or A2F-EVAL-KIT boards
  • Test out PMBus communication with digital POL
  • Monitor output flags on LEDS
  • Monitor responsiveness of settings to failure conditions


RTL Source Code
  • FPGA Reference Design
  • Extend design for mix of analog and digital POL support
  • I/O expansion for status signals
  • Ability to add reset management
  • Leverage CorePWM for fan control
Subsystem and Firmware
  • Microcontroller subsystem configuration
  • Auto generated driver files
  • MPM parameterized firmware
  • App notes for additional features such as fan control
  • IP protocols such as 1553, ARINC 429 and CAN


Start your design today with the Power Management Design Toolbox

Mixed-Signal Power Manager

  • MPM 4.0 Installation includes reference design
  • User's Guide detailing use of MPM 4.0
  • Tutorial to learn how to implement system

Documentation on SmartFusion cSoC

  • System Management Product Brief
  • White paper on System Management
  • SmartFusion Datasheet and User's Guide
Download it Now »
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